A voyage in
Redefining Operational Efficiency

Delving Organisational Needs

Implementing Robotic Process Automation & Artificial Intelligence is easy; delivering the business value is the challenge. Many organisations still approach their automation efforts with a short-term view, by looking at specific tasks or functional areas. This limits the success of automation.

That’s why we begin with the right steps by undertaking holistic evaluation to define an overall RPA operating model at an optimal level in line with the digital strategy of your enterprise.

We assist in figuring out the problems you want to address, the outcome you are driving at and to find exactly what you’re trying to automate in the first place. Accordingly, we will guide you in selecting the appropriate Robas (RobaLite and RobaSmart) that not only maximise cost savings & productivity but also deliver great customer experience.

Feasibility & Sustainability Assessment

During the journey of digital empowerment in overcoming the operational inefficiencies of repetitive, resource intensive tasks, choosing the right scenarios for automation plays a vital role. To determine the suitability of automation, we do a structured evaluation called Feasibility Assessment.

Few attributes to be considered to decide if the process is feasible or not are:
  • Manual
  • Rules driven
  • Data intense
  • Error prone
  • Electronic trigger
  • Out of hour jobs
Sustainability Assessments are made to decide if the business considerations, process risk and compliance requirements are compatible with the technology being introduced. We make sure the technology supports your business cases now and beyond.

Process Mining, Scoring and Prioritising

This stage involves our team to detail out your current processes, workflows and tools – what’s working well, which processes need to be tweaked before introducing automation, and benchmarking your current processes. For example, what is your average invoice processing cost? How long does it take to onboard a customer or perform identity verification? We compare your processes with industry standards to drill down into performance gaps, to identify areas of improvement and to speed up these processes with automation.

We help clients in prioritising opportunities for automation with the greatest ROI, broadest reach and highest impact. This can be done with the scoring methodology by providing weights and rating for the evaluated processes.

Creating Roadmap

We then move on to co-creating your vision by building an automation roadmap working closely with your Operations and IT teams. This will be based upon:
  • Technology Evaluation
  • Process Re-Engineering
  • Priority Index & Process Maturity
  • Process Interdependencies

Business Case Structuring

We frame the business case for the process that is ranked top in the scoring methodology. There is more to building, deploying and sustaining a RPA program than just evaluating the cost benefits. Any commercial case for RPA will need to include:
  • The initial cost of consulting & establishing the solution
  • Ongoing supervision of Roba & Retraining when process changes
  • Maintain a team of SMEs to ensure business continuity
  • Mapping RPA to employee headcount savings
  • Integrating with security tools
  • Focus on scaled agility of IT landscape

POC and Pilot Launch

We provide the proof-of-concept (POC) as a pilot project to demonstrate the design concept. The aim of this POC is to prove that RPA solution works within the organisation, can support the entire application landscape and can execute the tasks performed daily by employees more effectively. We complete the pilot development and conduct CRP to decide on next steps, rollout the pilot, document the lessons learned, and finally prepare for ramp up.

RPA Transformation Enablement

This step involves setting up teams, designing, developing and deploying robots. Robots are trained for the specific process using predefined work patterns. It involves preparing a solution design document, configuring robots, testing, and deployment. Actual implementation of the selected business case is done by designating a number of appropriate robots and integrating them with the existing process. Dynamic sequencing and scheduling of the service is also done to maintain the velocity and volume of business demands.

Change Adoption

During this phase, we develop and deliver training to support end users and administrators. We provide change management expertise and support required to address the operational and organisational impacts due to introduction of automation. We also handle support and maintenance of production Robots. We know that business environment is agile so we will help you to adapt RPA, based on the environmental changes.

Track and Optimise

We provide you with robust reporting capabilities to keep a check on Process Performance and to visualise Operational Efficiency. You can track, filter and analyse all your RPA activities so that you can manage scheduling and sequencing based on load fluctuations. The robots are continuously monitored for efficiency, effectiveness, and capacity utilisation to ensure seamless operations

Expanding and Excelling

We try to assemble a cross-functional RPA team to integrate human and virtual workforce within the organisation to drive business growth, help the management in establishing RPA strategy as a core performance objective throughout the organisation. We iterate through the processes in the priority list by onboarding the new scope for automation, manage the demand pipeline, showcase the success of automation to the broader organisation, establish RPA best practices, and focus on building the RPA expertise within the organisation, thus enabling our clients to empower digitally with exciting innovations to reinvent processes, redefine efficiency and reshape the organisation.

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