Developed by Robasys, Roba Platform is an innovative and advanced Robotic Process Automation Platform which can be used to operate and orchestrate all types of applications using software robots (virtual workforce) – RobaLite and RobaSmart.

Roba Platform is a subscription-based RPA platform with zero upfront costs. This means you can pay and use the service as long as you need and also cancel it anytime when it is not necessary. There is no binding commitment with us.

Flexibility is built into the design of the Roba Platform to meet rigorous IT standards. The versatility of the software gives it a bandwidth that can accommodate front office or back office process. It also depends on the use cases you need and the amount of expected throughput.

It works comfortably on a standard desktop in the front office, on a server, a virtual machine or even on cloud machine for back office processing system. There’s no need for any specific hardware on top of what the you already have.

Changing any of your underlying systems is often complex and expensive. Using diverse techniques and interfaces, the Roba Platform gathers data and integrates processes at an abstract level. By doing so, it ensures underlying systems do not get the brunt of the impact.

The RobaLite only follows rules.It can handle simple, bulk, repetitive processes and passes the baton to humans whenever judgment is needed, and it is dealt in upfront.

However, the RobaSmart has cognitive capabilities. Working in tandem with Artificial Intelligence, the RobaSmart learns from its workmates (humans) as they resolve problems which require subjective decision making. They execute them based on the work patterns.

The wide bandwidth of the robotic automation platform permits interaction with multiple systems. Robots can operate 24/7. Hence, processes that are bulk and repetitive would benefit the most from automation with high quality and accuracy.When considering what tasks are amenable to automation, it is advisable to select those which fulfill any of the following criteria:

Rule Based
Repetitive In Nature
Electronic Triggering
Error Prone
Involves Laborious Manual Calculations
Out Of Hours Jobs
Electronic Start And End Points

Absolutely! Your data is 100 percent safe and secure. Besides, only select people from your own organization have access to your data. In addition, your data is in an encrypted format. Multiple security audits and reviews have been done to ensure this. A full audit trail of changes to any process is tracked and comparisons of the before and after effects of changes are provided.

A fully trained office Roba is approximately priced at one-third the cost of globally sourced agents.

People are terrified that robots will take over their jobs and they would no longer be needed! It’s important to help employees understand what RPA is and what it is not. RPA software is configured to eliminate mundane tasks associated with many business processes. These are the tasks most employees would be glad to let go. This implies that they can now divert their talent and time to core tasks. Employees should view RPA “bots” as teammates. A redefinition and redrafting of roles and responsibilities in an automated work context is needed to address these shifts strategically.

The complexity of the process being automated plays a major role in deciding the implementation time. Low complexity processes can be up and running in as short as two weeks along with deployment. Higher complexity processes are more time consuming. Another option we provide is phased implementation. In such instances, we can automate larger processes for you in phases so that the tangible impact of automation is experienced by the organisation as quickly as possible.

The main incentive for any successful RPA implementation is enhanced productivity. However, the results vary based on the type of implementation, processes involved and the department. In addition to cost reduction, increased efficiency and effectiveness and consistent quality are other equally important benefits of RPA implementation.

Your ability to adapt seamlessly to automation depends on your already existing in-house skills and your approach to work. Nevertheless, Robasys provides a comprehensive range of services, right from basic training, support and mentoring your team to independently delivering ongoing automations, to a full turnkey package where we also take responsibility for delivering business benefit within agreed service levels. We handhold you at every step in the journey towards automation.

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