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Roba Platform

Business Automation Made Easier

Technology has raised the bar incredibly higher and customers expect enhanced efficiency through precision, compliance, and speed in ways that are cost effective. With those considerations in mind, Robasys brings you the most innovative and advanced Roba Platform which focuses on Process Automations using our software robots – RobaLite and RobaSmart. It helps in automating the business processes rapidly in a cost-effective and agile way. We can operate and orchestrate a diverse set of applications across industries by using the Roba Platform without modifying them. It is a subscription-based service with zero upfront costs. You don’t have to worry about setting up and maintaining an RPA Platform. You can pay to use our service as long as you need and cancel anytime.


Just as industrial robots are transforming the manufacturing industry with higher production rates and improved quality, the RobaLite will reinvent the way we deal with business processes, IT support processes, workflow processes, remote infrastructure and back-office work. The spin-offs include dramatic improvements in quality and cycle time with increased productivity, and enhanced accuracy of large volume business operations that are error-prone, time consuming and repetitive. It also eliminates drudgery and thereby frees people to make better use of their time and talents. RobaLite can operate 24/7 and hence takes care of simple , rule-based, voluminous processes by performing them many times faster!


With the power of disruptive technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Cognitive Capabilities, the RobaSmart helps us to provide intelligent services that are faster, better, more accurate and more responsive to the client requirements. RobaSmart collaborates with human counterparts and through created work patterns it learns how to deal with human judgements by acquiring knowledge from them as they resolve problems which require subjective decision making. Obviously, the RobaSmart is a much sought-after combo!


RobaMortgage will be the magic ingredient for mortgage advisors in spotting the vulnerable customers. It makes gathering, reviewing and verification of mortgage documents much faster and more accurate. Our solution performs real-time data validation that automatically identifies discrepancies to vet any fraudulent applications, and facilitates robust and effective assessment of individual affordability – that too “in minutes”. It also provides anti-money laundering checks like KYC and CDD to help mitigate business risk. The end result is faster transactions, happier home buyers and improved productivity for mortgage advisors and lenders.

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