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Automation advisory

Automation Advisory

Determining optimal solution is most important factor in automation journey to maximize your ROI. We assist our clients through a comprehensive bandwidth of services right from Process Discovery, Feasibility Assessments, Developing Roadmap, Tool Recommendations to Strategy Implementation and Providing Best Practices.

Cloud based RPA platform as a service

Cloud Based RPA Platform as a Service

Coagulating the advantages of cloud and automation, Robasys helps you to build flexible, complete, secure solutions that create additional value for your business. Roba Platform will allow you to develop and deploy automation solutions rapidly at much reduced costs, working with your existing applications and infrastructure.



Chatbots are the wave of the future, freeing up manpower for more complex tasks. We can help you determine the benefits of chatbots and how they can integrate with your current software and processes. Through Roba Bots, you can reduce costs for your business, automate processes, and improve your overall workflow. Roba Bots can be integrated into companies in any industry, and we provide a seamless transition for your automation experience.

Custom roba platform

Custom Roba Development

We design, develop, deploy custom robots with best-of-breed technology to meet customer requirements. We provide a proven automation methodology to our implementation engagements. The “build” phase of a robotic process automation project is only one component amongst a much wider set of considerations, all of which need to be outlined, understood and planned for in advance.

Instant roba for hire

Instant Roba for Hire

Deploy your RPA solutions faster with pre-configured robot frameworks with zero upfront investments. Ready to use bots that are available for hire, inclusive of preventative maintenance and upgrades. Our Instant Bots are built to work seamlessly with our Roba platform or as stand-alone accelerators. No need to pay for the unproductive time.

Mobile enablement

Mobile Enablement

Mobile enablement has become essential in today’s digital world. Yes, Roba platform is mobile enabled. Having mobile enabled control of robots, you can interact with your Roba; activate, pause and manage the entire digital workforce on the roba platform on-the-go.

AI and language processing

AI and Language Processing

Processing of natural language is required when you want an intelligent automation solution. By using Natural Language Processing and Artificial Intelligence, RobaSmart can learn while executing automatic tasks and can interact with human workforce on more complex tasks requiring subjective decision making.

Predictive or sentiment analysis

Predictive / Sentiment Analysis

With the rapid growth of the web data and data mining & analytics techniques, sentiment analysis has become an important tool to understanding consumer habits and public opinions. With the predictive / sentiment analysis, we aim to enrich customer experience and to provide valid insights for organisations about their customers preferences and emotional behaviour that enhance meaningful decision making.

Proof of concept

Proof of Concept

Starting small and identifying the right use cases is critical in making effective RPA business case. Robasys Proof of Concept is a way to prove the value of RPA where we choose a real-life business process with optimal technology and business complexity that provides an ideal test bed. Successful completion of POC, followed by cost-benefit analysis can demonstrate the potential benefits of larger RPA implementation.

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